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Ruth Pannell

Business Owner of Isla Law

Ruth is simply a lovely kind and very helpful Wills & Estate Planning solicitor with 10 years of experience who will ensure you have everything you need when planning for end of life.

She has seen first hand how distressing it is to lose a loved one who doesn't have a will and the ensuing family fall outs that last for years, not to mention the horrendous costs involved and loss of hard earned money.

Ruth & I partnered for a facebook live in November 2021 to discuss the merits of planning for your future even if that feels like it's a delayed reward and too low a priority.

Because it's on her private group page I can't post it here but you can request to join & watch it and many others. Ruth goes live each week for a free training session which are incredibly useful - if only to put things on your radar.

01622 239766

Ruth Pannell
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