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Jeanette Forder

Womens Wellness Coach - Menopause specialist

I work with women through the pivotal moments that matter in their lives - becoming a mum, returning to work after maternity, living life to the full through all the stages of the menopause, to finding your purpose after your children have left home - offering 1:1 coaching, coaching circles, live workshops, masterclasses and expert invitation sessions, to help you discover yourself through all these critical moments in your life.

Phoenix Wellness works exclusively with women - our programmes are designed by women for women; we know what it takes to be a woman right now and we understand the challenges. We will work with you to help you to find your purpose, your power and your voice.

When you consider the several pillars of wellness, mental health and financial wellbeing are very closely linked.

Here is our video and podcast talking about women's health, planning ahead and how to navigate this next chapter, season of life.


Jeanette Forder
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