Household Bills

Pen and folders

You need electricity, gas (maybe oil) cannot live without internet, need mobile phones, home insurance maybe even home emergency for pipes, lost keys, boiler servicing & heating. 

Water bills cost a fortune as does council tax and perhaps maintenance charges.

When you add this lot up you're talking in the region of £4000 a year.

How much do you pay for your general bills every year?


How much are your mortgage or rent repayments? 

Around £10,000 a year?

So we're talking around £14000 a year for your lovely home, your sanctuary. 

How much is that as a portion of your household income? 

Too much?

So what can you do to make the essentials as lean as you can so that they don't eat into your lifestyle?

3 Easy Action Steps 

  1. Complete a bill review.  
    I can do this with you for free if you'd find that useful? It's so complex and expensive this year that an expert guiding hand might will be good at spotting issues. My priority is to reduce your expenses as much as possible so I'm not going to sell you anything. I'm a regulated partner with UW and it's my mission to get you the best prices for various utilities bundled into one account - this itself gives even better value

  2. Top Tips below will give you some great ideas

  3. Daily nuggets over on social media - do come & join in!

Top Tips



The electricity and gas or oil you use to heat your home costs both you and the environment. 

The greenest & cheapest way to use energy in your home is simply to use less. 

Apart from turning down the thermostat by 1° or to below 20° if it's really high, you could be saving around £80 a year, and if your home is well insulated, you won't be losing energy through walls, roof & windows. 

One really simple tip is to get a draught excluder for doors where you can feel the chill coming through. 

Pulling curtains or blinds in the evening and only heating the rooms you really need or turning down the individual thermostatic controls on each radiator if you have them. 

It's actually easy to create a bespoke heating system for your family use without smart controls.


What's costing you the most?

Have you got smart meters with a display you can see in your kitchen?

Smart meters are usually installed at the point of entry to your property, although flats will differ they might be inside a communal cupboard. The little display shows you whats going on with your usage without having to go outside!

Accurate bills help enormously too.

Washing machines & tumble dryers are the mainstay of our family homes but can add a lot to our energy usage, around £120 a year which is around 10% on most of our bills.

Can you see yours costing you lots on the display when you turn them on? 

Do you use the best eco settings?

Do you have alternative ways to dry your clothes, like a heated airer? 

Love mine, same one as Holly & Phil look at:


Mobile Phone

Gone are the days when 1gb was enough data for downloading on our phones. 

"They are little pocket computers that happen to make a call" my mum calls them!

And with her Pinterest obsession its a good job she's on unlimited!

Actually, her and I have the UW unlimited tariff which is £18 a month for one & £12 for a second, third and fourth on the one account so I've put her on mine to make life easier (and a few quid cheaper we both pay £15 each essentially)

 If you've got two or more of you in the house this is sensational value for money.

Do you need to upgrade your phone every couple of years?

Remember needs vs wants!


Bundling bills into one account

My mum recommended UW to me!

A lovely friend took me through it all and I was able to choose the right bundle for me saving me £30 a month.

That was 4 years ago, I thought it was such a helpful & useful service especially as it's free, I decided to become a partner with UW & create a fab self-employed second income stream by helping others to save money.

 I now do this as my main business which partners beautifully with foundational budgeting & future planning.

Check out gorgeous Ben who is our new brand ambassador...



Boilers pre 2000 have about 80% efficiency whilst newer condensing boilers have about 90%. This means it will cost you less to run.

New boilers cost in the region of £2500 many companies offer flexi finance. 

UW customers will get 25% discount on their new Which? Best Buy boiler using local next day installers in most cases. 

Drop me a message if you'd like to find out more or have a look here



Working from home? 

Got kids? 


Love streaming catch up TV & Netflix? 

It can cost from around £30 per month for fibre averaging 65 Mbps speeds. 

However, these costs can creep up sharply if you're not paying attention and some companies offer you short term add ons which can mean you're paying over £60 a month without realising! I've had many customers say this to me in the past 2 years. (Prices rarely increase with UW, mine haven't in almost 4 years)

Keep an eye on this, only have what you really need - if super duper whizzy broadband is available ask yourself do you NEED it as it will often be the most expensive option.